ITALICUS Gelato is a new concept in ice-cream, based in Southern California.

Made fresh every day in front of you by real Italian gelato masters. We use only the best ingredients.

Our products are gluten free and vegan friendly.  We also have dairy free options. Try our dairy free dark chocolate, it is amazing!

Quality, professionalism and authentic Italian charm are the main components of the Italicus family philosophy.


Some of Our Most Popular Flavors
(Not all flavors are available every day)

♥ Strawberry  Lemon
♥ Mango
♥ Mix Berries
♥ Pina Colada Alcohol Free
♥ Sicilian Blood Orange

♥ Banana and Chocolate
♥ Mangonada
♥ Pistacchio Olive Oil Dairy Free
♥ Cream and Cookies Vegan
♥ Cappuccino with Almond Milk

♥ Dark Chocolate Dairy Free
♥ Mango Carrot Lemon
♥ Cali Vibes
♥ Tropical
♥ Caribbean

♥ Rocky Road Vegan
♥ Banana Split
♥ Lemonade
♥ Pineapple